We Should All Express More Gratitude

We Should All Express More Gratitude

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I just want to take a moment here at the end of March to express gratitude and appreciation for my life and being able to work from home. Granted, I have amazing support from my husband, both mentally and financially when needed. I also have amazing family, and friends, who have come to me in many ways, some even starting as clients.

I know there are lots of jobs on the market that would even allow me to work from home with full-time income, benefits, and even a great support team, but entrepreneurship burns within some of us. Whether it’s a great idea that we need to implement to fill an existing void, or maybe in cases like mine, it’s a passion that we feel responsible to follow. We have chased important skills throughout our livesto eventually pursue this dream, and it doesnt always matter what the business we create is. Whether by accident or planned progress, nonetheless here we are, ready to charge ahead as bosses.

Somewhere along the line, life readies us to chase that dream fermenting in our brain. We’ve probably already pushed away offers of mentorship and guidance when progress is still too scary, but we all have that breaking point moment in life when we just can’t do something other than this anymore. For me, it was realizing that I really didn’t want to stay at my awesome job anymore. It had lost all of its shining appeal and was more frustration to go to on a good day, than working for myself is even on bad daysof working 12 or 14 hours.

In those 12 hour days, I stare at my screen making tweaks to projects until my fingers threaten to fall off, but I may be in my pajama pants and flip flops, sitting on my cushy couch, with popcorn to snack on, and a favorite movie playing in the background. I chat online with a new client who has questions and a head full of ideas to explore, orI may take an hour walk with my dog or bike ride to lunch with a friend, or sleep in til 9. I will likely leave for pool practice with my honey in the evening and grab some dinner before I head home for another hour or two of work before bed. I can plan my day however I want to incorporate all the things I love and value. And I still make money. I still have a roof over my head. I work my ass off to earn my keep, but I love every minute of it.

What can you express gratitude about in your business right now?

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